Addiction Treatment for Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, Ohio is a bustling metropolis that’s known for being the home of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland was given the honor of housing the Hall of Fame because Cleveland is where the first rock concert ever happened. Along with being home to the Hall of Fame, Cleveland is also a central place for other cultural institutions. These include the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra, and Playhouse Square. Further, Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio, right behind Columbus, with a population of 381,0009. Cleveland was also the first city to be lit by electricity. Additionally, the first semi-truck was invented in Cleveland. Although Cleveland is home to a lot of culture and history, it is also part of a severe, nationwide drug problem. 

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Drug Problem in Cleveland

While Cleveland, OH has a rich history and a lot to offer, there are deep addiction issues beneath the surface. In 2014, Cleveland went under inspection in regard to how easily available drugs were in the area. An extensive report was conducted by a regional epidemiologist who used interviews and case studies to conclude their findings. During these interviews, participants would rate the availability of a substance between 0 and 10. A rating of 0 means that the substance isn’t available at all. A rating of 10 means that the substance is highly available. The information that continues will explain Cleveland’s problem with drugs and other harmful substances.

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Addiction Treatment for Cleveland, OH


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Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

First, many participants rated cocaine’s availability as 10, meaning that it is highly available. One participant said, “It’s like this, if you know somebody who knows somebody, you can get it.” Another participant said, “It’s real easy. You maybe meet your dealer at a bar, gas station, corner of a street … it all depends really on how well you know them, but basically it’s a phone call away.” Finally, another participant said, “Everyone I know uses ‘coke’ (powdered cocaine), so it was real easy for me to get it whenever I wanted it.” All of these participant responses demonstrate the extreme availability of cocaine in Cleveland.

Not only is powdered cocaine highly available, but crack cocaine is also highly available. Just as they did with cocaine, participants reported that cocaine availability was highly available. Many people rated crack availability at a 10. Participants actually said that since crack is cheaper, it’s more available than powdered cocaine is. One participant said, “If I wanted it, I could get it … you go to the projects … you find a dude standing on the corner, or at any gas station … in Cleveland … all I would have to do is make eye contact with someone and it’s on.” 


Further, heroin is highly available in the region. Participants also rated heroin availability as a 10. One participant said of his or her experience, “Two blocks in the right direction and you can get whatever you want.” Another participant said, “You don’t even have to know somebody. I walk down my street from work and I’m approached by two different people a day asking if I want to buy [heroin].” However, illegal drugs aren’t the only substances causing serious problems in Cleveland.

Prescription opioids are also highly addictive and available in Cleveland. Prescription opioids remain highly available for illicit use in the region. Most often, participants rated the street availability of prescription drugs as a 10. Further, Cleveland addiction treatment providers rated prescription drug availability as a 7. One participant said, “Pills (prescription opioids) are everywhere, especially ‘perks’ (Percocet®) and ‘vikes’ (Vicodin®).” Further, another participant explained, “A lot of people use pills to help them detox off of heroin.” Clearly, prescription use in Cleveland is incredibly widespread. To that end, drug use in general is incredibly pervasive and detrimental to public health. Fortunately however, Cleveland offers several addiction treatment services throughout the city.

Treatment Available in Cleveland, OH

If you live in Cleveland, you have many different options for treatment. Cleveland has 44 addiction treatment centers. While each of them offers unique treatment, they all provide services that we can examine in categories. For example, several local hospitals offer inpatient detox and other treatment options. Further, a lot of treatment centers provide outpatient detox as well as long- and short-term outpatient treatment. Additionally, many Cleveland addiction treatment centers provide long-term and short-term residential services. Therefore, regardless of whether you need inpatient, outpatient, or residential services, you can find a Cleveland treatment center that suits your needs.

But you don’t need to stay within Cleveland either. Maybe you found this page searching for “recovery near me,” but taking treatment outside of Cleveland can also be beneficial for drug rehab. Columbus, OH, has several clinics available for drug and alcohol rehab. You might also be able to visit a Springfield, OH, drug treatment center or alcohol rehab. Groveport, OH, also has clinics. If getting away from the drug culture will help, there are dozens of options.

People who suffer from addictions to opioids have opportunities to receive SAMHSA-certified treatment in Cleveland. These programs often offer buprenorphine and/or naltrexone. Those are two medications that help alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms. They also help to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Another service Cleveland treatment centers provide is specialized programs specifically for marginalized groups. Such as survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Finally, Cleveland treatment centers offer many options for payment. Regardless of the cost-related obstacles you may have, treatment in Cleveland is within your reach. For example, several treatment programs accept both Medicare and Medicaid. Also, many facilities offer services on a sliding fee scale. This means that people pay for treatment based on their income and the means they have. Additionally, many centers provide payment assistance. This means that those who can’t afford addiction treatment could receive a grant to offset some of the costs of treatment.


What to Look for in a Treatment Center

While looking for a treatment center in Cleveland there are some guidelines you can follow to make the process easier. In order to determine if a facility is worth your time, make sure they include:

  • every treatment program they offer and their durations
  • the insurance and payment they take
  • proof that they are an accredited organization
  • aftercare services once you are discharged
  • their methods of treatment. They need to be research and evidence-based

Here are the five elements to look for:

Length and Type of Treatment

First, you will need to choose a treatment center that matches the length and type of treatment you need. In general, many treatment centers offer 30-day or even 60-day addiction treatment programs. Some even offer 90-day treatment plans. Shorter treatment programs are more effective for those who deal with mild to moderate addictions. Longer treatments, on the other hand, work better for moderate to severe addictions. Additionally, you will need to find a treatment center that matches what living style you need. Most treatment programs fall into three categories: inpatient, outpatient, and residential. Inpatient treatment most often takes place in hospitals; outpatient treatment allows people to live at home while receiving treatment; and residential treatment allows people to live in a community with others receiving treatment.


Accreditation means that the treatment program is qualified to be providing addiction treatment.  Being accredited simply means that the treatment center has gone through several evaluations and has reached standards of excellence in client care. It takes a lot of time and effort to become accredited. Therefore, when a treatment center has achieved accreditation, you can rest assured that you will receive quality care.

For example, if you are looking for a 60-day treatment program in Cleveland, you can find one that has received accreditation. In Cleveland, OH, there are 42 accredited treatment centers. Many of these have different options for length and type of treatment. By doing research, you can find a treatment center that is not only accredited but also matches your requirement for a 60-day program.

Payment Options

Next, you will also need to find a treatment program that works with your insurance. Most rehabs show what types of insurances they accept on their websites. As discussed above, many treatment centers also accept Medicare and Medicaid. If you do not have insurance and money is tight, you may want to seek out a treatment center that offers payment options on a sliding fee scale. This means that you will pay based on your income and what you feel you can pay.

These payment options can help anyone, regardless of whether you enroll in a 30-day treatment program, 60-day treatment program, or 90-day treatment program. Additionally, payment services can help those who choose a residential treatment program as well as an inpatient or outpatient program. 


Completing treatment is important but it is also just as crucial to continue methods of healing to stay sober after being discharged. You want to make sure the treatment programs you are looking into have aftercare services in place. The facility is supposed to set you up with an aftercare plan once you are discharged so you can continue to stay sober. This plan includes resources such as support groups you can join, or therapists and counseling you can continue to see, and much more. These systems are put in place to prevent relapses. Therefore it is important to look at treatment facilities that have aftercare services.

Evidence-Based Approaches

Evidence-based means that the treatment center is using methods that are proven by research to be successful and safe. Such as behavioral or cognitive therapy and treatment. This will ensure that you are receiving treatment methods that will benefit and help you become sober.

Take the time to find the rehab that has the payment option to suit your needs. If you seek all of these five elements, you will be able to find the treatment center that is right for you.

Why Travel for Treatment?

Cleveland does offer different options for treatment but it still might not have what you would like. You don’t have to pick a facility that you aren’t comfortable with. You can always choose to look for treatment outside of Cleveland. There are several benefits to receiving care outside of your hometown.

Some Services are not Available Locally

You can travel to another city or state in order to find the treatment service you want. Although Cleveland offers 44 well-established treatment centers, the center that is right for you may be located outside of Cleveland. For example, if you feel you would do better at a treatment center that focuses on nature-based therapies, you may need to look outside of Cleveland. Or maybe you need to look at staying at a facility long term and doing that in your own city might be harder because you’d be tempted to end earlier and go home. Not getting the treatment a person needs the first time could lead to a dangerous future for the user such as constant relapses. Therefore, if you want specific treatment in order to heal, don’t be afraid to seek it out.

Privacy Protection

Second, another reason you may want to travel for treatment is that you can protect your privacy. When you stay in your hometown for treatment, you always deal with the risks of running into someone you know at the treatment center. Although you may not be concerned about knowing anyone in your treatment center, there is a chance you could find someone in your treatment center who might surprise you. This would not only be embarrassing for you both, but could also slow your recovery. When you stay in your environment and run into someone you know, you could be triggered. An event like this could make you feel like you are still the same person who started treatment, and that you don’t have the chance to recover and change.

Distance from Environment

A positive factor of traveling for treatment is escaping your previous environment. Each person has a different story but it is possible that your current environment isn’t healthy. It is possible your addiction formed in the city you currently live in, or maybe even in the house you are still living in. Healing can be easier when accomplished elsewhere. A fresh place with new things and faces to see can be a major improvement in your health and healing. Traveling away from the people you surround yourself could also be helpful even if they are significant others or family. Detaching from all the opinions and voices might make you realize that you are a priority. If someone enrolls in a 60-day program away from home, for example, then they have two months to experience treatment and rehabilitation from their drug use. 

Whether you are searching for relief from opioids or synthetic marijuana, recovery is often best done away from home. Getting away from your triggers can be incredibly important. You might find a program to help with alcohol detox. Columbus, OH, has many such programs. Or you might find what you need in a Springfield, OH, addiction treatment facility. There are plenty of options.

Higher Completion Rate

Statistics have shown that when people leave their home state to receive treatment they have a higher chance of completing the program. This has to do with recovery being the patient’s sole focus. Being separated from people you know can be hard, however, there are no longer any distractions. Also, some family members might be convinced you can leave treatment early, or you yourself might have asked them to get you out. By being farther away this is less of a temptation. 

Every person and situation is different when it comes to the history of their addiction and their willingness to heal. Therefore, it is important to be really introspective and determine what you need to do in order to heal. The choices you make are going to be difficult but in the end, they are going to be worth it. If you need to travel to get away from your environment, habits, or family then do it. You may find that it is easier to heal when you are farther away from your past.

Benefits of Staying in Cleveland for Treatment

Although there are many benefits associated with traveling for treatment, staying in Cleveland may be the best choice for you. For example, you may easily find an addiction treatment center in Cleveland that suits you, since there are so many options. Further, your costs for treatment may be lower if you stay in Cleveland for treatment. When you travel for treatment, you have to factor in travel expenses that include flights, gas, and the time spent traveling. Additionally, local insurance will be more accepted in Cleveland rather than other places. This may seem obvious, but it is another element of payment that you will need to consider.

Another reason to stay in Cleveland for treatment is that you are closer to your support system. Your support system includes friends, family, and acquaintances who want to help you overcome your addiction. While some people can slow down or harm your recovery process, other people can help and support you. Those who support you will not enable your destructive behaviors. Rather, they will hold you accountable to breaking bad habits and creating better new habits. Having a solid support system is incredibly important for a smooth transition from the treatment center to regular life. Consider a treatment center in Cleveland that will allow you to remain close to those important to you.

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Whatever you decide to do, remember that there are plenty of options available. You do not have to stay in Cleveland, Ohio, for your drug rehab. Columbus, OH, also has many wonderful clinics available to help. As do many other places throughout the state. In any case, you are never alone in your search for recovery through drug rehab. Hope is a shared commitment, and we are here to give a helping hand.

At this point, you may feel somewhat overwhelmed with all the information you’ve just received about benefits for staying in Cleveland versus benefits for traveling away from home for treatment. Even after reading all of this, you may wonder which path is right for you. Since every person’s situation is different, we want to help you personally. If you have any questions about deciding whether to stay in your hometown or travel for treatment, please call us today. 

We can help you look at your exact situation and decide what path is right for you. Contact us today for help deciding what route of treatment is right for you. Call us at 614-502-6247.