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With a population of 47,751 and a per capita income of $62,144, Dublin is a quaint town with a rich history. Although hearing the name Dublin might make you think of the Emerald Isle (Ireland) Dublin is actually a city in Ohio. However, connecting the two places is appropriate. An Irishman who traveled to Ohio 200 years ago named the place after his hometown. In an homage to its roots, Dublin, OH hosts the largest 3-day Irish festival in the world. Yes, they have an even larger festival in Ohio than in Ireland! Along with its Irish heritage, Dublin is also known for its 1,000 acres of sprawling parkland. Despite its idyllic scenery and ties to Ireland, Dublin, OH is not without its flaws. Unfortunately, there is a significant drug problem in Dublin, OH. Addiction treatment in Dublin is possible with Recovery Hope Treatment.

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Drug Problem in Dublin, OH

For example, more than 2,500 Ohioans died from drug overdoses in 2014. This is a 20% increase from the number of Ohio overdoses in 2013. Further, abusing multiple drugs at the same time caused many of these overdoses in 2014. During that year, 59% of the overdoses involved abusing more than one drug at a time. Opioids were a huge problem in 2014 as well. In 2014, 80% of drug overdoses involved opioids, including prescription opioids, fentanyl, and heroin. That means a total of 1,988 people experienced drug overdoses due to opioids. However, in 2013, only 1,539 people experienced opioid-related overdoses. That is about 73% of opioids.

Additionally, heroin has also caused problems in Dublin, OH. For example, more people in Ohio died because of heroin than because of prescription opiates in 2013 and 2014. Dublin is in Franklin County. That county saw an extreme increase in residents who died of drug overdoses. Between 2003 and 2014, deaths due to overdoses raised by 227%. There is a significant drug problem in Dublin, OH. Therefore, if you are a resident and are in need of addiction treatment, don’t hesitate to call us at 614-502-6247.

Addiction treatment in Cincinnati is available through Recovery Hope Treatment’s extensive network. Don’t hesitate to dial 614-502-6247 to speak with a specialist about addiction treatment options.

Addiction Treatment for Dublin, OH


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Types of Treatment in Dublin, Ohio

Starting the process of seeking out a treatment center might be overwhelming. It is good news and bad news that there are several centers, clinics, and programs to choose from, along with the different kinds of care that they offer. Well, we are here to help untangle this mess of options. The first step is to narrow down if you would prefer inpatient treatment care or outpatient treatment care. Inpatient means you would stay at a facility to receive care and outpatient means you would visit a facility a couple of hours a day to receive treatment.

The next step is deciding how long you want the duration of the treatment to be. This depends on your condition and willingness to heal. You could attend outpatient treatment for 30 days or you might want to go to inpatient care and stay for a couple of months. Some patients will even attend inpatient first then transition over into outpatient as they begin to improve. Choosing the type of treatment and its duration will depend on what you want and believe will help you heal. That is all that matters. If you don’t know where to begin, give us a call today.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center 

As you are determining your preferred type of program and length, the next step is to verify the center. There are some guidelines you can follow that will tell you if the treatment center you are interested in is genuine and effective. Following these steps can make the process of looking for a treatment center much easier.

  • Confirm the facility is an accredited organization. This means it is legal and qualified to be able to perform addiction treatment.
  • Check that they use methods that are based on evidence and research.
  • Inquire that the length of treatment matches the condition of your addiction. 
  • Look on the website to see if the program offers aftercare services for you to rely on after you are discharged from the program. Aftercare services can include support groups you can join or a therapist you can continue to see. 
  • Finally, make sure the facility you are interested in takes your insurance. 

Reasons to Travel for Addiction Treatment

Even if your hometown has treatment centers, there are several benefits of traveling outside of your home state to seek care. 

Leaving Your Environment

Going to seek treatment in another state allows you to separate yourself from your previous environment. Every individual is different of course, but if you came from an environment where your addiction was being propelled or even encouraged it is a good idea to step away. Starting fresh in another state takes away any familiar places or people that could trigger you. A new environment can spark change and the beginning of building new habits.

Being Away From Loved Ones

Just as a new environment could be beneficial to you, so could being away from your family and friends. It might be hard to think of being in a place where you don’t know anyone. However, depending on your situation, escaping the opinions of others could be the key to your recovery. Most families and friends mean well but sometimes their actions are hurtful rather than helpful. Especially if a co-dependent relationship has formed where their identity is wrapped up in assisting you. If you have loved ones who try to take you out of treatment early you can risk relapsing. Not finishing the detox process under medical supervision can be dangerous and inefficient. Thus, leaving town to seek treatment elsewhere could help not only yourself but them as well.

The Treatment You Want Might Not Be In Town 

Another reason to seek treatment in another state could be that your hometown doesn’t have what you are looking for. There are several high-quality centers in Ohio, however, it is okay if none of them is the right fit for you. Start exploring options in other states and see if the treatment you envisioned is out there somewhere. Don’t settle for less, especially when you don’t think it will benefit you.   

The Chance to Meet New People

Leaving your state gives you a chance to meet new people! You could experience completely new walks of life, perspectives, and opinions. This could be a fresh and exciting time for you. Not to mention, these people who you are meeting through treatment have experienced similar struggles as you. You will be able to connect through your recovery journey while learning how they have been approaching their addiction. You could gain new insight and ideas by leaving your hometown, therefore why not explore these possibilities? The changes in diversity, culture, and lifestyles you would be exposed to could encourage your recovery more than ever before. 

Traveling Creates Anonymity

You might consider traveling for treatment because it gives you more privacy. Treatment in your hometown is still private however you run the risk of running into someone you know in treatment. Perhaps you even end up seeing someone who you used to do drugs or drink with. It is wonderful that you are both seeking help, however, seeing each other could actually delay both of your recoveries. Sometimes patients can be triggered by seeing someone who they used to indulge their addiction with. It can cause relapses, the desire to stay the same, or the fear that recovery is not possible. Therefore, to avoid these possibilities it is wise to seek treatment elsewhere. Starting over in a new place where no one knows you can be comforting.

Find Recovery Close to Home

Staying within the state might be helpful for any number of reasons. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from throughout Ohio. There are Springfield, OH, drug treatment centers as well as alcohol rehab centers. Columbus, OH, also has plenty of rehab facilities. Traveling to another city could be highly beneficial for you instead of looking outside of your home state. 

There are great options offered in Ohio for outpatient care, inpatient care, and hospitalization services. If you do not want to seek treatment out of state then begin looking in your own backyard! Depending on what service you want you can begin to narrow down your options.


Hospitalization is a kind of treatment that best serves individuals who have been struggling with addiction for a long time and it has turned severe or life-threatening. This way they can be under 24/7 medical supervision. Eventually, in time they could move to an Inpatient treatment facility. Inpatient residential treatment is designed for individuals who have addictions ranging from medium to severe. Living on-site allows treatment and healing to be the main focus without any other distractions. This is also available in Ohio along with outpatient care. This kind of treatment is usually for patients stepping down from inpatient care and transitioning into outpatient. However, it is also designed for those who have mild addictions that they caught quickly. Further action is determined by specialists at the facility.

Living in Ohio and receiving treatment there is beneficial to your aftercare plan. Aftercare treatment plans are designed to help you when you leave the facility. They can include support groups, therapists, or counseling. Going to a treatment center locally means patients are more likely to then participate in these local aftercare programs. These are set in place to help prevent relapses.

That’s why you should consider all of the parts of your state. Looking for alcohol rehab? Groveport, OH, could have a center to meet your needs. Or maybe you need to find a facility for drug rehab? Columbus, OH, has dozens of clinics. Whatever you need for drug rehab, hope can be found in Ohio.

How We Can Help

Addiction is difficult no matter what substance you are struggling with. But it important for you to know that you don’t have to do it alone. Dublin, Ohio has plenty of resources available if you chose to seek treatment here. However, it is perfectly fine if your hometown doesn’t have what you want. There are clinics in Columbus or Springfield as well that you can look into. There are plenty of 30 and 60-day addiction treatment programs available throughout Ohio. Hope can be just a phone call away. 

Treatment can be found near home or far away, all that matters is finding the program that is going to help you heal. We can be of service to you as you look for treatment. Call us at 614-502-6247 if you are confused, concerned, or need clarification on any of the treatment programs inside or outside of Ohio.