60-Day Addiction Treatment

There are so many different options for addiction treatment. As you begin searching for treatment centers, you may wonder how to decide which is right for you. 30-day treatment plans are very short. Although they take less time, they also may have less effective results. Further, you may wonder if a 90-day or 120-day treatment is right for you. You may feel nervous about spending that much time away from your family and other personal commitments. 60-Day treatment programs are the perfect option for those looking for a middle ground between short-term and long-term treatment. During a 60-day treatment, patients receive intensive addiction treatment for two months.

If you want a central point between a 30-day treatment and a 90-day treatment, a 60-day treatment program is what you’re looking for. These programs use many therapies and treatments that are offered in other programs of different lengths. 30-day treatment programs are best for those who are dealing with mild addictions. 90-day treatment programs, however, are best for those who are dealing with severe addictions. Therefore, 60-day treatment programs are best for those who are dealing with moderate addiction.

Addiction in Ohio

For people from Ohio, finding the right addiction treatment program is very important. According to a national survey by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), many Ohioans do not receive the treatment they need. The survey found that 468,000 Ohioans who needed treatment for alcohol use did not receive it. Further, 271,000 Ohioans needed treatment for illicit drugs but did not receive it. Finally, 646,000 Ohioans needed treatment for substance use disorder, but they did not receive it. Many Ohioans clearly need treatment. We want to help people from Ohio receive high quality treatment that will help them overcome their addictions. If you are from Ohio and seeking treatment, a 60-day program could be the answer for you. 

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What Happens During a 60-Day Treatment?

Generally, 60-day treatments follow the same structure as other addiction recovery programs. For example, they begin with an assessment. During an assessment, a medical professional examines the patient’s medical, mental health, and addiction history. After the assessment, the patient meets with a recovery specialist. This meeting is critical because it determines the type of care the patient will receive. The purpose of the meeting is to create a customized rehab plan for the patient. Further, the recovery specialist uses the information provided by the assessment to determine what type of therapy and treatment is right for the patient.

Then, the patient goes on to the detox process. Although some people suffering from addiction are afraid or worried about detox, the process makes the rest of the treatment possible and effective. The purpose of detox is to rid the body of harmful substances. Another purpose of detox is to help patients manage their withdrawal symptoms. After detox, the patient goes on to receive rehab treatment. Rehab treatment can look different for each patient, depending on the treatment center and the patient’s treatment plan. For example, treatment almost always includes group and individual therapy. But it can also include arts and crafts, physical exercise, volunteering, and educational classes.

Before a patient leaves a rehab center, the patient and a recovery specialist prepare a personalized aftercare plan. While the patient and specialist create this plan, the patient learns about support groups and therapy in his or her area. The specialist also makes plans to follow up with the patient. Once all of these steps have been taken, the patient is released. The person begins his or her new life, equipped with the tools needed to avoid relapse.

Is a 60-Day Treatment Program Right for Me?

While most programs of all lengths offer similar types of treatment, 60-day programs are unique. First, they are unique because they offer treatment that has a mix of benefits from 90-day and 30-day treatments. 60-day treatment is considered long-term care, but it is the shortest option for long-term care. Before you decide whether a 60-day treatment program is right for you, we want you to have all the information you need. We want to help you learn the benefits and drawbacks of these programs. We also want to help you learn more about the difference between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Finally, we want to help you learn how to look for an effective 60-day treatment center.

Drawbacks of 60-Day Treatment:

  • 60-day programs are not as effective as 90- or 180-day treatment programs for severe addictions. For people with severe addictions, separating oneself from normal circumstances is an important
  • Insurance companies don’t usually cover 60-day treatment programs. Usually, insurance companies only cover short-term treatment. Further, sometimes they only cover inpatient treatment and not outpatient treatment.

Benefits of 60-Day Treatment:

  • 60-day programs are the most cost-effective option of all long-term care options. Since this option is the shortest, it is also the most affordable.
  • These programs give patients more time to prepare for aftercare than 30-day programs do. 30-day programs are the shortest, and therefore, the most intensive of all treatment options. 60-day treatment centers provide a happy middle ground between fast, intensive care and extended, long-term care.
  • 60-day programs are the least time-consuming of all long-term treatment programs. Those who are concerned about leaving familial or career obligations during treatment may find that 60-day programs are most effective for them.
  • 60-day programs offer a wider variety of treatments. Since 60-day programs are more common than 30-day programs, 60-day programs will likely have more variety in what type of treatment you receive.

Outpatient vs. Inpatient Treatment

60-day treatment programs are offered as either outpatient or inpatient treatment. Outpatient and inpatient treatments have different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on individual circumstances, either outpatient or inpatient treatment is the right choice.

Outpatient treatment is part-time, usually between 10 to 12 hours a week, meaning that the recovering user comes to the facility, but they do not stay in the facility. These programs usually run between three months to one year. Ultimately, outpatient treatment is right for those who have more mild addictions.

Inpatient treatment means the person stays at a facility for a period of time—usually between three weeks and six months. While staying at the facility, they undergo intensive treatment. Inpatient treatment has a higher success rate than outpatient treatment, but it is also more expensive. Further, inpatient treatment interrupts daily life. Ultimately, inpatient treatment is especially effective for those who have undergone serious addictions.

How to Find the Right 60-Day Program for You

Hopefully, you now understand more about 60-day treatment programs. These programs are an effective middle ground between long-term care and short-term care. Also, 60-day programs follow a similar structure that most rehab programs do. However, 60-day programs are unique. These programs are unique because they offer a wider range of care than 30-day treatment programs do. Although they are more expensive than 30-day programs, they are often more effective for moderate addictions. Further, 60-day programs are the least time consuming of all long-term care.

Now that you know if you want to enroll in a 60-day program, the next step is to enroll. You can find the right program for you if you take the following three steps. First, look for an evidence-based treatment center. An evidence-based treatment center uses highly-researched treatment methods. Second, look for a treatment center that has excellent staff credentials. Third, look for a treatment center that offers support systems and high-quality aftercare. Although finding the right treatment can be difficult, it is possible. As long as you use these three guideposts, you will find the right treatment for you. We want to help you learn more about 60-day treatment programs for those from Ohio. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at 614-502-6247.