Addiction Treatment for Dayton, Ohio

The city of Dayton has 140,000 people residents ranking it as Ohio’s sixth-largest city. Dayton has the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, along with the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Dayton is home to the first private historically Black college in the United States Wilberforce University. Dayton educated thousands of students a year, as the city has 26 colleges and universities.

Additionally, the Gem City is known as the birthplace of funk music. When funk music was on the rise in the 1970s, Dayton, OH became the epicenter. Another claim to fame is Dayton as the birthplace of aviation since Wilbur and Orville Wright were born there. While Dayton, OH is home to all these amazing achievements, it is also part of a terrible drug problem despite the many addiction treatment centers in Dayton.

Fortunately, there are several rehab facilities in nearby Springfield, OH. Drug treatment is never far away. Even if you suffer from alcoholism, Ohio has locations for alcohol rehab. Columbus, OH, has several facilities. There are plenty of options.

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Drug Problem in Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH has many troubling drug problems. These are evidenced by the high availability of certain substances in the Dayton area. For example, some highly available illegal drugs in Dayton include crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, marijuana and sedative-hypnotics remained highly available in the Dayton region. Legal drugs that people often abused included prescription stimulants and Suboxone®. Further, these drugs have recently become more available: methamphetamine, powdered cocaine, and Suboxone®. However, these substances have recently become less available: bath salts and synthetic marijuana. 

To explain the recent surge in powdered cocaine availability, one law enforcement professionals blame the popularity of speedballing (mixing cocaine and heroin). Further, citizens of Dayton feel that music that glorifies cocaine use often leads to higher use. Most often, young white people use cocaine. Additionally, community professors saw an increase in alcohol use with cocaine in Dayton. Further, meth has become more available. However, less meth is available in Dayton than in other areas of the region. Also, typical meth users include white men who live in rural areas. Finally, MDMA (also known as molly) became more available. This substance is most popular in college-aged communities. 

We want to help those from the Dayton, OH area find healing from their addictions. If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, please call 614-502-6247 today.

Addiction Treatment for Dayton, Ohio


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Available Treatment Options in Dayton, OH

Dayton, OH has 15 addiction treatment centers. As you begin searching for treatment, you may wonder what type of treatment is right for you. You can choose between a treatment center in Dayton or out of Dayton. You will also choose how long your treatment program will be. Common lengths of treatment are 30-day treatments, 60-day treatments, and 90-day treatments. 

Another decision you will make is whether you will enroll in an inpatient, outpatient, or residential program:

  • Inpatient: An inpatient program is where a patient stays in a hospital-like setting. These are best for moderate to severe addictions.
  • Outpatient: An outpatient program is where a patient lives at home and receives treatment during the day. These are best for mild to moderate addictions.
  • Residential: A residential program is where a patient lives in a community with other patients. They travel together to and from the treatment facility during the day.

Services Offered at Dayton Treatment Centers

In Dayton, addiction treatment centers do not offer hospital inpatient services. The closest available hospital inpatient addiction treatment center is in Springfield, OH. Since Springfield and Dayton are only 26 miles apart, those who have severe addictions should be able to travel to a hospital inpatient treatment center. Further, many Dayton facilities offer outpatient detox, outpatient intensive, and outpatient standard treatments. Additionally, many rehabs provide short- and long-term residential services. Normally, 30-day treatment is considered short-term and 60- or 90-day treatments are considered long-term. Also, Dayton has several facilities that offer opioid treatment programs. These facilities often provide buprenorphine and/or naltrexone. Those are two medications that can help with severe withdrawal symptoms from opioids.

Another service Dayton treatment centers provide is specialized treatment for different marginalized groups. These include treatment for people in the LGBTQ+ community, survivors of domestic violence, and people who have special needs. Finally, many Dayton treatment centers accept payment from private insurance providers and from government insurance like Medicare and Medicaid.

Addiction Treatment for Dayton, Ohio

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment

Although Dayton, OH, offers faith-based programs and services specifically for veterans, traveling for treatment may be right for you. While there are benefits and drawbacks to both traveling and staying in your hometown, we want to help you see the positives. Here are a few benefits you may find by traveling for treatment.

Separation From Environment

First, one important part of leaving your home state is separating yourself from your environment. When you leave your home to receive treatment, you can get a fresh start in a new place. You are not surrounded by the familiar places and situations that your addiction developed in. On the contrary, you are separated from the factors that contributed to your addiction. Overcoming addiction is difficult no matter what. However, separating yourself from your environment is one important advantage to think about if you consider traveling.

In fact, you don’t even need to leave the state to find help. Let’s go over a few examples. Let’s say you’re looking for drug rehab. Columbus, Ohio, has several facilities available. Or maybe you are searching for alcohol rehab. Groveport, OH, has a few that might be suited to your needs. Whether you are looking for 30-day or 60-day addiction treatment programs, there are many options available for drug and alcohol rehab.

Getting away from your environment can give you hope in drug rehab. Hope is an essential aspect of recovery. You can find ways to beat your addiction. We can help you find drug or alcohol detox. Columbus, Ohio, has inpatient clinics that provide medical support to those who are going through detox. After passing through your detox period, these facilities offer typical counseling and support to help you get started on the path to recovery.

Separation from Loved Ones

Second, patients have a higher completion rate when they are away from their loved ones. To go along with separating oneself from their environment, patients also separate themselves from loved ones. Although loved ones are often well-meaning, they can inadvertently enable harmful, addictive behavior. This means that when patients receive treatment in their home state, they sometimes rely on enabling loved ones to help them leave their programs early. However, not completing treatment makes relapse much more likely. Further, not completing the entire treatment program can be dangerous. Especially during the detox process, patients need the guidance of rehab specialists.

Furthermore, during medical detox, patients also receive medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, leaving these resources can be detrimental to patients’ overall health and recovery. Even though it is difficult, separating patients from their loved ones can benefit them in the long run.

Your Hometown may not Have What you Need

Third, the perfect program for you simply may not be in your hometown. Although there are about 15 centers dedicated to addiction treatment in Dayton, you may want to choose from a larger decision pool. Further, you may not find a center that checks all the boxes you want for treatment. Whatever your preference and learning style is, there is the right program for you. However, your dream program may not be in your home state. Therefore, traveling for rehab may be as simple as seeking a program that is right for you. Seek the treatment program that will yield the specific results you are looking to achieve.

When you first found this page, you might have been trying to find “recovery near me.” But whether you happen to be looking for drug rehab or a synthetic marijuana recovery program, you don’t necessarily need to find help in your hometown at all. You might find assistance in a Springfield, OH, addiction treatment facility. Or you could find a facility for alcohol rehab in Columbus, Ohio. Many places in Ohio have lots of centers for addiction treatment. Columbus, Ohio, for instance, has dozens. There is no need to limit yourself to one location when it comes to drug rehab. Hope can be found anywhere.

Meeting New People

Fourth, traveling for rehab gives patients the opportunity to meet new people. While staying in your hometown will expose you to new people, you are more likely to meet people from different walks of life if you travel. For example, if you choose to travel to California for treatment and you are from Tennessee, you will meet people you never would have.

Further, you will have opportunities to learn from people who approach life differently. Despite the fact that all fifty states in the US belong to the same country, there is a lot of diversity among the states. Therefore, you will likely meet someone whose culture and personality is different than people you would meet in your hometown.

Traveling Creates Anonymity

Fifth and finally, traveling for treatment protects patients’ privacy. When those suffering from addiction seek treatment in their hometowns, their privacy is at risk. Patients are much more likely to run into people they know in rehab when they seek addiction treatment in their hometown.

Consequently, patients can feel embarrassed, ashamed, or stuck in their ways. Seeing a familiar face in rehab has this effect for two reasons. One, patients feel reminded of their past life and feel they can’t change. Or two, patients feel like they want to stay the same person when they see someone from their substance-abusing environment. Both of these reasons prevent change and could be detrimental to healing.

Why Stay in Dayton, OH for Treatment?

Although there are plenty of benefits to leaving your hometown for treatment, you may also find that the benefits of staying in Dayton are worth it. This can be the case for individuals who are blessed with having a good group of friends and family in their hometown to support them as they recover. During recovery, those overcoming addictions need help. They need their support systems to hold them accountable, give a shoulder to cry on, and show empathy when the recovery process feels especially hard. When people travel for treatment, they may miss out on that important piece of recovery.

Another benefit of staying in one’s hometown for addiction treatment is that people often choose longer outpatient treatment programs when they live at home. This not only means that they have more time in treatment, but also that they’re more likely to complete outpatient treatment programs. Finally, people are more likely to participate in aftercare if they receive treatment locally. At local treatment centers, rehab staff takes time to connect patients to resources close by. These resources can include support groups, specialized therapists, and sponsors. When people choose to go elsewhere for treatment, they often miss out on the opportunity to receive aftercare options.

Addiction Treatment for Dayton, Ohio

Call Today for Help Finding Treatment in Dayton, OH

Dealing with addiction is never easy. It doesn’t matter if you are dealing with heroin, cocaine, or even an addiction to synthetic marijuana, recovery is a long road. The good news is there are alcohol and drug rehab clinics in your state. If you are looking for alcohol rehab, Columbus, Ohio, has clinics ready and available. Or maybe you are trying to find drug rehab? Columbus, OH, has those too. In fact, so does Springfield, OH. Addiction treatment can be found all over the state if you know where to look. No matter your needs, you can find a 30- or even a 60-day addiction treatment program to help you. 

In conclusion, we want to help those from Dayton, OH find the treatment they need. Not only does Dayton have 15 excellent options for treatment, but they also serve marginalized populations. These marginalized groups include people who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence or members of the LGBTQ+ community. Research has shown that trauma can make people more susceptible to substance use addictions. The trauma of being a part of an abused or marginalized population can bring specific challenged to addiction recovery. However, addiction treatment centers in Dayton, OH are ready to help you.

If you live in Dayton, OH and you or a loved one is ready for treatment, please call today. We can help you find the help you need. Call us at 614-502-6247 today.