Addiction Treatment for Grove City, Ohio

Grove City is a sweet slice of Americana. Grove City has been awarded as the second safest city for families with young children. It also earned second place in an annual contest for America’s manliest cities. Additionally, Grove City ranked as the third best city for Thanksgiving. Along with its rankings, quality of life is good in Grove City, OH. For example, Grove City jobs have recently increased by 1.41%. Conversely, the unemployment rate in Grove City, OH is 3.9%, while the national average is 6.3%. This suburb of Columbus is about 16 square miles with a population of 48,120. All in all, Grove City, OH is a safe, fun city with some wacky awards. Unfortunately, there is also a serious drug problem in Grove City, in part due to the lack of addiction treatment centers in Grove City. Thankfully, drug and alcohol rehab in Columbus, Ohio, is just down the street.

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The Drug Problem in Grove City, OH

Grove City, Ohio is a safe, high-quality place to live. But every city has its vice and unfortunately, Grove City has a drug problem. For example, several drugs are highly accessible in the Columbus region, which includes Grove City. Some of these include crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, Neurontin® (gabapentin), sedative-hypnotics, and Suboxone®. Further, prescription opioids are highly available. Another significant problem comes from the high availability of prescription opioids. In 2017, some drugs that hadn’t been readily available became more available. These include heroin, fentanyl, marijuana, and methamphetamine.

Fortunately, there are dozens of facilities nearby that specialize in drug rehab. Columbus, Ohio, and the surrounding area. If you found this page by searching for “recovery near me,” we can help you find the nearest clinic. But there are plenty of other options outside of the immediate area too.

We want to help those from the Grove City, OH area find healing from their addictions. If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, please call 614-502-6247 today.

Addiction Treatment for Grove City, Ohio


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In 2017, different types of heroin (specifically black tar and white powdered heroin) became equally available in the region. Also, those who use heroin in the Grove City area most often cut it with fentanyl and carfentanil. Most commonly, people used heroin through injection into the veins. Unfortunately, this type of transmission increased the transference of Hepatitis C, since users often share needles. Although heroin use affects all ethnicities and communities, heroin usage reportedly rose among young Black people in the Grove City area.

Illicit Drugs

Lastly, Neurontin® was commonly used and available in the region. Users often received the drug as a prescription from a doctor. Those who used Neurontin® were often people who were addicted to heroin first and then misused the drug. In Ohio overall, drug overdose deaths that involved opioids fell from 4,293 in 2017 (a rate of 39.2) to 3,237 in 2018. We want to help those from Grove City, OH learn more about what addiction treatment is available. If you currently live in Grove City and are curious about the treatment options in your area then give us a call at 614-502-6247.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Grove City

As you begin looking for addiction treatment, you may wonder how to decide which program is right for you or your loved one. There are so many addiction centers to choose from and they all offer different types of care. Do you need a synthetic marijuana recovery program? Or help with opioids? How do you choose which is right for you? The most effective way to choose which type of treatment plan is right for you is to narrow down all of your decisions. For example, you will choose between inpatient programs and outpatient programs.

Further, you will choose between holistic treatment centers and medical centers. Additionally, you will need to decide the length of your addiction treatment program. Rehabilitation centers often offer 30- to 60-day addiction treatment programs. Some even offer 90-day programs. We are here to help you learn all you need to know about 30-day treatment programs so that you know if this is the best option for you.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center 

Along with different types and lengths of programs, you will also need to narrow down your search by ensuring that the treatment center you enroll in has some necessary components. Following these guideposts will help you find the highest quality treatment.

  • Accreditation: First, seek out a treatment program that has been accredited by a reliable source.
  • Evidence-Based Approaches: Second, look for a treatment program that uses evidence-based treatment methods.
  • Length/Location: Third, choose a program that has a length that works well with the level of your addiction.
  • Aftercare Services: Fourth, seek out a program that offers good aftercare services. Those who have therapy, sponsors, and support groups are less likely to relapse.
  • Payment: Many treatment programs accept private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Why Travel for Addiction Treatment

Unfortunately, Grove City, OH, does not have any addiction treatment services. Therefore, if you are from Grove City, you will need to travel for addiction treatment. You won’t have to search too far, however, to find nearby addiction treatment. Columbus, Ohio, has plenty of inpatient and outpatient facilities dedicated to helping ordinary people beat addiction. Besides, traveling brings several benefits. We want to help you discover some of these benefits of traveling for treatment.

Limited Resources in Grove City, OH

First, the perfect program for you simply may not be in your hometown. Although there are many high quality treatment centers in Ohio, none are located in Grove City, OH. Maybe the best option is a Springfield, OH, drug treatment center.

Further, you may not find a center that checks all the boxes you want for treatment. Whatever your preference and learning style is, there is the right program for you. However, your dream program may not be in your home state. Therefore, traveling for rehab may be as simple as seeking a program that is right for you. Seek the treatment program that will yield the specific results you are looking to achieve.

Traveling Creates Anonymity

Second, traveling for treatment protects patients’ privacy. When those suffering from addiction seek treatment in their hometowns, their privacy is at risk. Patients are much more likely to run into people they know in rehab when they seek treatment in their hometown.

Consequently, patients can feel embarrassed, ashamed, or stuck in their ways. Seeing a familiar face in rehab has this effect for two reasons. One, patients feel reminded of their past life and feel they can’t change. Or two, patients feel like they want to stay the same person when they see someone from their substance-abusing environment. Both of these reasons prevent change and could be detrimental to healing.

Separation From Environment

Third, one important part of leaving your home state is separating yourself from your environment. When you leave your home to receive treatment, you can get a fresh start in a new place. You are not surrounded by the familiar places and situations that your addiction developed in. On the contrary, you are separated from the factors that contributed to your addiction. Overcoming addiction is difficult no matter what. However, separating yourself from your environment is one important advantage to think about if you consider traveling.

Even short distances are better than nothing. If you are in Grove City looking for alcohol rehab, Groveport, OH, could have a facility tailored to your needs. We would be more than happy to help you find the facility that best fits you.

Separation from Loved Ones

Fourth, patients have a higher completion rate when they are away from their loved ones. To go along with separating oneself from their environment, patients also separate themselves from loved ones. Although loved ones are often well-meaning, they can inadvertently enable harmful, addictive behavior. This means that when patients receive treatment in their home state, they sometimes rely on enabling loved ones to help them leave their programs early. However, not completing treatment makes relapse much more likely. Further, not completing the entire treatment program can be dangerous.

Especially during the detox process, patients need the guidance of rehab specialists. Further, during medical detox, patients also receive medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, leaving these resources can be detrimental to patients’ overall health and recovery. Even though it is difficult, separating patients from their loved ones can benefit them in the long run.

Higher Completion Rate

Along with being separated from triggers, patients have a higher completion rate away from their hometowns. According to a National Survey on Drug Use and Health, patients who sought treatment out of state had a 12% higher completion rate. Further, drug detox is more effective for patients who enroll in treatment out of state.

Scientists aren’t entirely sure why out-of-state drug or alcohol rehab has a higher success rate, although it probably has to do with the reasons raised above. If you used a search engine to look for “recovery near me” and found this Grove City page, we can help you find other clinics for drug rehab. Hope isn’t always found at home. For example, you might be looking for alcohol detox. Columbus, Ohio, could have just the program you are looking for. Even moving a short distance away can improve your odds of success. Or maybe you are dealing with an addiction and looking for a drug rehab clinic. In that case, you might consider traveling to a Springfield, OH, addiction treatment facility. Whether you’re looking for 30- or even 60-day addiction treatment programs, we can help.

Find Recovery Close to Home

Although travel is necessary for those who live in Grove City, OH, there are several treatment centers close by. For example, 35 treatment centers are located in Columbus, OH. These treatment centers are between four miles and 14 miles from Grove City. While there are many solid reasons for leaving your home to pursue treatment, there are some great reasons to stay in Ohio as well. For example, Ohio offers a large variety of services locally. To illustrate, treatment centers in Ohio treat people through hospitalization, outpatient, and residential services. These three levels of care can serve the diverse needs of basically every patient.

Hospitalization is right for those who suffer from severe, long-standing addictions. Next, outpatient treatment is best for patients who have been to treatment before. Those who have had treatment and then relapsed may need support, but they often won’t need to stay in a facility. Finally, residential treatment is best for those who have moderate-to-severe addictions. These patients stay in living facilities together. Then, they travel to a different location together to receive treatment. Having these three options readily available in Ohio is very beneficial.

Another reason to seek addiction treatment in Ohio is that people are more likely to participate in aftercare if they receive treatment locally. Aftercare includes counseling, housing, and any other treatment a person receives after completing his or her rehab program. When patients receive treatment away from their hometown, care providers often can’t connect them to aftercare resources. This is because the care providers only know about treatment specific to their areas. Therefore, patients’ transition back into life after treatment can be more difficult. Unfortunately, people are more likely to relapse when they don’t have these resources.

Addiction Treatment for Grove City, Ohio

How We Can Help

Struggling with a serious addiction is the most difficult thing anyone will do. Whether you are dealing with opioids, cocaine, alcohol, or synthetic marijuana, recovery is a struggle. We can help you find alcohol or drug rehab, in Grove City or elsewhere. Looking for alcohol rehab? Columbus could have a facility suited to your needs. There are even facilities in Springfield, OH. Addiction treatment is something we take seriously, and you or your loved one does not need to work through recovery on their own. No matter where you are located, we would be more than happy to get you started on the path to drug rehab. Hope is just around the corner.

Whether you choose to receive addiction treatment near Grove City, Ohio, or far away from home, there is a program out there that is right for you. We want to help those from Grove City, OH, find the treatment they need. If you are interested in learning more about treatment in and out of state, please contact us at 614-502-6247.

If you live in Grove City, OH, and you or a loved one is ready for treatment, please call today. We can help you find the help you need. Call us at 614-502-6247 today.