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When you hear the phrase “hitting rock bottom”, what comes to your mind? We hear this a lot when talking about addiction. Some may think that this phrase can be easily defined or labeled, but the truth is that “rock bottom” is a concept that means something different for every addict.

Hitting rock bottom refers to the time and circumstances in the life of an addict that causes them to reach the lowest possible point in their disease or addiction. It is the time when the addicted individual feels like there is no hope for them and that their life is so badly damaged that there is nothing good left in it.

For some, reaching rock bottom is a turning point. But to clearly understand what rock bottom means, we have to be aware that it can mean something different for every individual. For some, it could be the end of a marriage, but for others, it could be the loss of a job or a home. There is no clear-cut method for predicting what your own personal rock bottom moment might be.

An addict may discover that his or her addiction has cost them the trust of family members, and it hurts so badly that this moment becomes rock bottom for that person. Each person has to find their own rock bottom moment, and there are addicts who reach rock bottom quickly, while others don’t reach it for years.

Perhaps you have suffered from addiction for many years, and you feel hopeless and bleak about the future, but you don’t feel like you ever reached rock bottom. Maybe you tried treatment or rehabilitation programs once, only to relapse almost immediately after you completed the program. Then maybe, just maybe, you’re wondering what kind of tragedy it will take to make you give up your addiction.

These feelings can be overwhelming at times, and these feelings can also be signs that you want to be sober and you want to seek recovery. In some cases, you may even avoid the worst circumstances because just the thought of rock bottom scares you into getting help. For example, if you know that because of addiction you can’t pay rent and you’re in danger of losing your home, the thought of being homeless may be enough to convince you to seek help.

The important thing to remember is that no matter where your own rock bottom may be, it’s never too late to reach out and ask for help – always remember that.

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